Lord Lyttelton Town of Lyttelton namesake cdv Visited 1868


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Lord Lyttelton 19th century cdv .

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Very nice early 19th century cdv of Lord Lyttelton who the Canterbury town of Lyttelton was named after, He came to Lyttelton on the 5th Feb 1868 ,he was the Chairman of the Canterbury association Management committee, he is remembered as the man that held the association  together over its 5 years of operation and Christchurch would not have happened without him. He was one of the greatest promoters of the city. he arrived in 1868 went through the Moorhouse Lyttelton tunnel that had only just opened to Christchurch where a banquet was held that night in his honour.

Breakfast at the town hall was an affair with 200 of Canterbury’s earliest settlers -The pre adamites [ a term used for those that arrived in the first four ships]and those that came on the Canterbury Assoc. ships.

A ball of honour was held that night and then next day left for a return to .England.

This image taken by photographer H J Whitlock Birmingham.


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