Rare Maori wars British soldier of the 96th regiment.[Manchester] regiment the Bendovers first sent to new Zealand in 1843,most of the second Battalion served in NZ between 1845 and 1847.

On the 11th March 1845 the 96th regiment played a significant role in the defence of Bay of island town of Russell then known as Kororareka.

Anti-gov’t Maori made a three pronged attack on kororareka ,one party of 150 lead by Hone Heke surprised 20 men of the 96th regiment ,16 men were outside the blockhouse at this time ,Heke seized the blockhouse killing it’s 4 occupants and felled the Flagstaff for a fourth and final time.

The Photographer is I Proctor armourer and photographer of the 96th regiment ,at the top of the backĀ of the image is the emblem of the peninsula New Zealand XCVI

The size 62 mm x 102 mm approx.

Note faults but I expect this for the age ,the top centre of the photo frame and a fraction of the photo has a loss of approx. 5mm.Some Edges /corners wear/ some marks /dirt?