New Zealand Metal Fern Vechile emblem


New Zealand Fern Emblem Vechile insignia

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This is what suspect is a car metal emblem? or tour bus emblem used ,Kings crown so is used between 1936 and 1952 probably used in the time King George V1 1936-1952 . {However It came with other cricket/Rugby items of UK tours ,also autograph books of NZ rugby tours to England ,South Africa etc.} This emblem has the NZ fern on painted? Black/white stripe centre ,crown to the top ,laurel leaves around the emblem, it measures 14.1 cm x7.6cm approx., four holes appear to bottom ,the back see scans has two small screws which would hold the fern plate in ,I have noted no numbers to this or any other date .Most unusual. This will be sent by courier only as is quite heavy.

PLEASE NOTE: thanks to  someone who contacted us on this ,he sent me this information.

“”These were made by Gaunt, London. There is a school of thought that they were produced for some expatriate Kiwis, based in the UK, after WW2. I got in touch with Gaunt many years ago but they had no accurate records available. You don’t see them pop up often, this would be the 4th I have seen in 40 years of collecting sports memorabilia


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