Pre 1924 Admiralty Ferry Ant sold New Zealand Rangitoto Excursion ship


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New Zealand excursion steamer Rangitoto seen here as the [Ant].

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Quite a scarce RP postcard [predates it’s sale to New Zealand in 1924],named here as the “Ant’, very little information is recorded, she was part of the Admiralty’s ferry steamer service that operated around Spithead or Portsmouth ,Chatham and Sheerness , for moving large numbers of liberty men and crews of floating docks.

In the dept of of naval construction documents she is briefly referred to as RFA Ant, with Ref to BOT and Lloyds Register requirements for accommodation, life saving arrangements and the meeting of BOT requirements implies crewing and management by the Director of Transports.

Anyway she was sold in 1924 to New Zealand and she became the Excursion Steamer Rangitoto in NZ ,she was broken up in 1968.The back has mounts marks still left where once mounted in an album, the card itself was not used, there is a number R8-28 in pencil to the back.

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