USA Civil war letter battle of Shiloh On Patriotic Ohio stationary


American Civil war Battle of Shiloh letter on Patriotic paper rare.


This is one of the most fantastic Shiloh Battle letters handled by me over these years written on Patriotic stationary from the state of Ohio.Has state seal inside the canton of the US flag with the word Ohio at top. Written Pitchbetge landing April 10th 1862 [Pirchberge landing means Pittsberg landing. The soldier does not have good spelling but gives regular mans view of the carage of war. StatesÏ have bin in one battal and i am satisfide now .i got owt safe. he said the ‘Battale commenced on sunday morning the rebels come on owr men unexpected they ware eting betfast’ he staes what a hard fight the battle was and that “the rebels almoste drove our men in the river but the gunboats commence to play on them witch drove them back . he wasnt in the sunday battle that he was tillon his way [Buell reinforced Grant on night of 6th which is why the union won the 7th days fight. he got to Savannah about midnight and boarded a boat and got to the landing daybreak.After the sun came up ‘We march out an fought like men til we gain the day and med them run. he states the confederates fought hard and did it well.he adds how the fighting was in the woods which was why it lasted so long.and that it was á sight to see ded men and horses shoughtand cripple it was an unfetsight to see” It is simply signed Jacob Bush. This letter comes with a typed transcript of the contents ,I note the soldier wrote date as 1860 not 1862 but the battle was April 10th 1862. The letter with age /wear of course folded into three there is a seperation appearing at the bottom fold .but the letter NOW 160 years old. I have thought of returning these to the USA for sale but if youd like it is a chance to piece of the civil was in America,NO there is NOT an envelope with it .


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