WW1 Australia Gallipoli related 1915 lemnos island postcard


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WW1 Australia infantry Brigade postcard at Lemnos island Pre Gallipoli 1915.

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Rarer Postcard WW1 Australian campaign at Gallipoli.

this postcard used April 19 1915 Base Army Post office.in black and two line [ passed by censor ] in red.

The postcard sent to Adelaide South Australia.

This mark was used at Alexandria In Egypt and was in operation from the 10th April 1915 to January 1920.

The censor mark was used only by the 3rd Australian Infantry brigade while it was on lemnos island as the advance party for Gallipoli between the 17th march 1915 and the 25th April 1915.The postcard was posted at Lemnos island and then sent to the base Army post office in Egypt for sorting and dispatch.

the front of the card shows the acropolis in Athens Greece.

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