WW1 Medals pair in as issued boxes Coffin 22474 Pvte S.K. Otago Raurimu


WW1 New Zealand Medals in original boxes no Ribbons private Seth Coffin.

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WW1[World war one ]pair as issued still in boxes sent to 22474 Private S.K. Coffin of Raurimu [Seth Kelson Coffin] Otago Infantry regiment [NZEF] he was wounded in action 7/6/1917 scalp and foot. British war medal and victory medal. Seth was a labourer from Otago and attested in Trentham on the 9th of May 1916. He sailed a short time later and served a few days short of 2 years with the NZEF. He was Wounded in action on the 8th of June 1917 in France where he received Gun Shot Wounds to his scalp and foot. He was invalid to England where he recovered from his wounds but was classified unfit for service on account of his injuries. Seth returned home and settled in Auckland where he died in 1973 at the age of 82. His medals come in their original issued boxes and postage slips ,the medals are in in pristine condition- ,they are correctly name/number impressed to rim.It appears he probably received his medals and put them away never to be worn as they are pretty much in an untouched condition. The envelopes paper is worn and in areas torn. PLEASE NOTE THESE MEDALS DID NOT COME WITH RIBBONS BUY WE ARE ADVISED CAN BE OBTAINED QUITE EASILY

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