WW1 New Zealand Victoria cross Andrews VC autograph book needs conservation

WW1 New Zealand Victoria cross Andrews VC autograph book needs conservation


WW1 New Zealand VC Andrews autograph book with many signatures Conservation required.

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This has been with me awhile and I kept it as WW1 VC winner Leslie Andrews related to me

. The book tatty but inside is autographed Trentham 24th Jan 1916 he has written a poem by Burns then signed it at the bottom SERGT Leslie W Andrews B Coy 11th Reinf. other signatures Gunner R Yrand?[No 1 Battery Main EXP Force A .M. Porteous [Te Kiri ]Maori ?x 2 signatures Private H Turner [29/12/1915] Ellie O’Malley W Kirkwood E. M. Standish [Normanby] S Gilbert[10th specialists machine Gun section [30/4/1916] Private E Marriott [B comp 11th Feb 1916] R Lockley George Gilbert Arthur Edward Jennings [11th Reinf. Military camp Trentham] Daisy Noonan [Taungatara 9/7/1916 Pattie Tynan July 12th 1916 wife? soldier A Tynan Ngutuwera Waverley[My home town. Toley Richard [Te Kiri March 1916] C A Woolford [Te Kiri 26/3/1916] Ada bell E. M . Cate?[Rototuna] Novish? Parkinson [25/4/1920] Private R Guppy F. A. Watson [Te Kiri Dec 5/12/1915 Superb page of NZ soldier [New Zealand patriotic flags I suspect Maori soldier names of Noonan and Woolford both from Te kiri on either page sides 10/3524 Thos. H Coupe Wounded in action [B Coy Infantry,9th Reinfts. Trentham.[His wife Ivy Coupe has also signed] 23/1575 L.J.Buckler? Lieutenant [3rd Reinf. N.Z.R.B. 298/11/1915. KIA Somme. 11810 Private C Bell/Burn[29/12/1915]KIA No 22/1429 H G Trumen? [E company 2 Reinfts.]Check? Daily Routine of a soldiers life told by a few well known hymnstakes up one and a quarter pages]6.30am to 11.00pm. Private C B Jones B[B Coy 11th reinforcements Trentham. This book requires conservation ,has seen better days, [but hey 105 years old],some pages are loose in the album ,the cover is tatty and not now bound so needs to be stabilized. The pages at some stage have been damp and need again care in handling. the pages at the back of this need care ,some contents small cards were adhesed and have been pulled out, There are other names, I suspect all ladies, relate to men in book.


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