New Zealand Maori chief reed cloaked not identified currently CDV photo


New Zealand maori chief Reed cloaked not identified currently CDV photo


NOTE: The RH on these cdvs are my own identification, it does not appear on the image. ORIGINAL CIRCA 1860s CARTE DE VISITE CDV PHOTOGRAPH by H Webster Queen Street Auckland, not written to the back of the image but he is unfortunately not identified ,i will continue any ongoing identification when able and add a name hopefully if advised. he has facial tattoo and is dressed in cloak possibly of Reeds? The photo is okay condition for the age , appears sometime in it’s life has been in an album and top and bottom back and photos sides areas have some paper adhesions. DIMENSIONS: Standard carte de visite size, 102 x 62 mm We have other maori men and womens cdvs as well,i try to identify where possible but not always able too, some where signed do not match my records so we ask maori to share any information


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