Men Pair Burton photographer CDVs one Chromotype photo superb

Men Pair Burton photographer CDVs one Chromotype photo superb


New Zealand Burton Bros Dunedin photographers 2 cdvs men same family?

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Again we have kept these two cdvs together as they look again as if from the same family or the same men.

One is a superb clear image a Chromotype in superb order from the same studio of Burton Brothers Dunedin.

Burton Brothers (1866–1914) was one of New Zealand’s most important nineteenth-century photographic studios and was based in Dunedin, New Zealand. It was founded by Walter John Burton (1836–1880) in 1866 as the Grand Photographic Saloon and Gallery and was situated in Princes Street, Dunedin.

Burton was a member of a prominent family of printers, bookbinders and photographers based in DerbyEngland, whose firm (John Burton and Sons) was founded by their father John Burton, and also included his other brothers, Alfred Henry (1834–1914), Oliver (born 1841), and John William Burton (born 1845). In 1856, Alfred emigrated to New Zealand, where he worked initially as a printer in Auckland before moving to Sydney in 1859 and from there back to England in 1862.

In 1866, Walter followed his brother’s lead, moving with his wife Helen to Dunedin, at that time prosperous from the recent Central Otago Gold Rush, and founded a photographic business. The business proved successful, so in 1868 Walter asked his brother Alfred to join him in the venture. Alfred travelled to New Zealand with his wife Lydia and daughter Oona, and the two brothers formed a business partnership under the name Burton Brothers. The firm proved a major success, with Alfred travelling throughout the country to take landscape photographs while his brother Walter concentrated on portraiture in Dunedin. The firm became very successful, providing both a studio portraiture service for the settlers and images of New Zealand landscapes and scenes of ethnographic interest including Maori portraiture, which were in high demand by tourists and travellers to New Zealand and by other collectors around the world. Images were sold individually as prints and postcards and also as series in albums through agents and distributors.


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